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Rebco Machine Inc. specializes in piston alterations for performance applications. RMI is located in a 5000 sq. ft. facility with fourteen machines and other equipment to meet the needs of the racing industry.

With over twenty five years experience, RMI has developed techniques and standards for piston alterations. We are trusted by top engine builders, racers, and piston manufacturers around the world. Our goal is to provide premium quality workmanship at competitive pricing.

RMI is well known for 3-d dome profiling. We use tracer mills capable of machining three pistons at once. We hold our tolerances to a few thousandths on all three pistons. Dome molds and samples can be replicated onto a blob dome.  In cases when a factory profile will not work, our dome profiling is the only way to achieve maximum compression ratios.

RMI offers custom ring grooves for optimal placement and clearance. Tolerances on ring grooves are typically held to .0001. Our goal is to provide the best groove possible.

Valve reliefs are another service provided by RMI. When using a mold poured from the head, we locate exactly where the valve is located and provide the necessary clearance and elongation without losing compression.

Rebco Machine has been a leader in custom piston lightening for over 25 years. Due to the vast array of forgings and styles of pistons every job is custom. We evaluate the needs of the customer and the piston itself. We lighten around 500 sets a year for many different applications. Our goal is to provide the highest quality without sacrificing integrity.

At Rebco Machine, we use industry standards as well as complete customization for individual customers. The owner, Eric Henke, is usually the person to answer the phone. Eric is the machinist performing the work.


RMI will work within your budget and time frame to serve your needs.


Rebco Machine Piston Alterations For Performance Application

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